Saturday, September 7, 2013

Accepting Imperfection

Scripture Reading : 1 Timothy 1:12-17

"Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners - of whom I am the worst." - 1 Timothy 1:15

Accepting imperfection can be easy to certain people or it can be tough for the rest. However, accepting our imperfection does not mean that we accept it and we just live with it. Accepting our imperfection is like we know our mistakes and we are sinners.. But it does not reflect that we should jeopardize ourselves further. We must come to our senses that we have done mistakes, realize it and improve ourselves. 

God will help those who are willing to help themselves. He helps those who repent. He helps those who believe in Him. Though, we shall not take Him for granted. We cannot depend on God to save us, the sinners, when we in purpose still continuously behaving badly.

Dear Father, thank you for allowing me to realize my imperfections and move on to be a better person. May you bless me abundantly and realize your love for me is infinite. In Jesus name, Amen.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Considerate : Plastic Surgery

In this era, I guess getting a plastic surgery has become a normal routine for many people. However, in this society that we are living in, there are always critiques. The society is divided into 3 categories. One who accepts, one who rejects and one who is always sitting on the fence. Either way, I sum up the 3 of them.

I will speak this with just my opinions.

I have seen a few of the famous bloggers who have gotten themselves plastic surgeries. They have the courage to post about it and share to the public. Of course, when your personal life stories are being posted online, you probably have to anticipate for the nasty or encouraging comments from the readers. Some people who cannot accept the sudden change by the knife will definitely leave nasty comments that critic the person. Going beyond the line, some may even leave hatred comments saying how wannabes they look or how fake they look. These readers will never know how their comments will influence that person.

I feel bad for the person who has undergone plastic surgery to read those comments. I feel that we as the third party, have to learn how to be considerate to people. Why?

Here are my thoughts to it.

When they have already risk their lives and investing their fortunes into this operation, we, the third party do not have much rights to vandalize them morally and mentally. You can never feel the anxiety and worries that they have to go through before entering the operation room. Yes, you will definitely lash back by saying "why choose to do it?". People are given choices in life on how they want to live it. So, when they have chosen a different path from what you are taking, do not complain. They have never been chained to you to follow your principles in life. As one has made a decision to walk that road, be RESPECTFUL and SUPPORTIVE.

Well, you are allowed to advise them but if they have settled their mind on it, the least and most you can do is stand by them. They always have their reasons that shape them to think that way. Try putting yourself in their shoes. Imagine the horror of the knife cutting through you. Then, replace the person on the operating table with the actual person going through it. Remember that the person who is taking the risk is NOT you.

That is why the third party for example the readers or any other strangers on the road shall not give them a disgusted look and comments. No matter how bad you cannot accept that fact and you want to express it so badly, please be kind with your words. Do not use harsh words that bring their confidence level down. Put in some supportive words among your not so nice sentences to be a nicer person.

One harsh comment is able to ruin a person's day but one supportive comment is able to brighten up their day as well. I personally do not feel any harm being a nicer person. You feel good, they feel good, everyone feels good!

Bad News : Sad to say, this cruel society can never promise that.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Surrender to Him

We had a discussion about surrendering yourself to Him.

 The questions right here are :
1. Do you believe and have faith in Him for you to surrender?
2. How MUCH are you willingly to surrender?

In our lives, we face many hardships and obstacles. When they occur, we always ask help from God. "Dear Lord, please help me to get through this tiring day." or "Dear Lord, please help me to solve this problem, I do not have a solution for it.". Is this what you called surrendering to Him? From my point of view, I do not think so. It is just merely seeking help from the Almighty One when you know you have met a dead end. This would be more like taking advantage from Him. But of course, when He helps, He really helps. So, when your problems are solved, you only remember the success and joy from the outcomes and you totally forgot about Him who helped.

To the first question : Do you believe and have faith in Him for you to surrender?

Surrendering to Him meaning that you willingly get up from your throne of your life and pleasantly invite God to take over the seat. This action truly means that every move and decision that you are about to make, you will make a "report" to Him first, therefore, allowing him to lead your next road that you are about to take. When you choose to do this, the first and very first you need to instill in yourself is to have a strong faith in Him. If you do not believe in Him, you will not accept the outcome or decision chosen by Him for you because you have so little trust in Him. You will doubt the choices made and it is a 50 50 chance that you will stray from His decisions. Start believing and develop faith for God if you want to surrender yourself to Him. Of course, you cannot immediately jump to the highest level of belief.. because we are human. It is the nature of us human that in the beginning we do not believe on something that seems abstract and unreal to you. However, with baby steps, day by day you pray to Him, you talk to Him, you will eventually feel his presence getting stronger. From there, you can proceed to have a strong faith in Him. During the process, you will show that you surrender to Him little by little. I do not feel that it is a need to rush in these because we need to have a strong and concrete foundation or base so that in the future if you ever fall, you still have a base for you to land and support you. Then, you will not fall flat to the ground. 

To the second question :  How MUCH are you willingly to surrender?

After passing the first question, the second question tests you. How much? Saying that "I will surrender all to Him" is easy but actually fulfilling it is another story. Usually we only surrender to Him when we cannot solve our problems or we need an answer for something crucial. My friend mentioned(something similar) " How about the little things in life such as buying a computer? Have we ever have Him across our minds when we want to purchase a laptop? The answer was NO. He said that we will just decide ourselves on the colour, brand, specifications and type based on our own preference. Why would we need to ask Him for this?". This is when the actual definition of surrendering to Him is explained. Surrendering to Him means that you allow God to take control of your life. As long as it is a decision to be made, you will ask Him first. It brings no harm to make a small prayer before buying a laptop or small little things like that. In fact, the laptop you have brought may actually lasts and breakdown at minimal chance because you allow Him to guide you through the decision and select the best choice. This is one of the ways to allow yourself to have a stronger relationship with God. You accept his presence at all times. The process to go to this step is the same as the first question. Start taking baby steps. Start taking the first step and the rests God will lead you through.

I am new and I am not a Christian by name yet but I am trying by following the steps I mentioned. I do not know if this helps to those who come across this post and I hope I do not misguide anything. Surrendering my all is not an easy task for myself as well. I am still holding on to the armrest of my throne each time I want to get up. That is why I said saying is easy, acting out is hard. However, as long as you the determination and will power, everything will be made alright by Him.

That's all for today. Shall continue next week. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


in these two weeks time, i have received a few bad news from my mom regarding the health of my relative and my family members. these people are people who i adore or too young to be sick in that way.

Dear God,
i do not wish for many luxurious things in my life. my main objectives are the people i am close to especially my family members and relatives to stay strong and healthy. i wish that you, Lord is able to fulfill this wish of mine. i hope that You will be able to look after them when i am not by their sides to show my concerns and my care. it's just disheartening to see such situations and receiving these news when i am in the middle of stressful period.

i am giving my very best to stay strong throughout this semester. i love to see happy people around me when i am down because indirectly they literally make burst out into laughter with their silly jokes and actions. from there, my unhappiness will eventually fade away. i am glad when it works this way. however, i do get annoyed easily when people become down and emo over petty issues. if it is for important or big matters then i understand but not silly things. life is too short to spend the time being sorrow and sad because the time being cheerful and happy is already so limited! Don't you think so? in the 24 hours that i have, i have wasted so much time being busy but thank god of people around me who insert their laughter and smiles in between the minutes and seconds in my life. the period of time is small but it means the world. you will never know how such small actions bring impact to your daily lives.

however, with this thought of mine, sometimes i felt that i am little to selfish because i set my expectation high. i expect that everyone should think like me where of course each individual has their own opinion on how to live their lives. because of that i expect them to understand what is it to be happy-go-lucky that i have forgotten to put myself in their shoes. 

i hate being sad and down and emo and stress and cry and angry. there are too much negativities for me to handle! these elements shall be eliminated one by one as my life goes on.. Dear God, this is another selfish wish that i wish. haha


Tuesday, November 27, 2012


梦里,是他的朋友讲了东西过后我才主动打电话给他。虽然那时候他讲他没空但是他讲他会打回给我。然后我就醒了 =.=